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Climbing volumes – Megality are the drive for your sports competitions

Volumes for climbing gym


The climbing volumes (macros) are made by molding fiberglass and catalyzed polyester resin.

The texture of our volumes is the perfect combination of grip and friction, excellent tactility. We create a balance between excessive abrasiveness and velvety, reducing abrasion and preventing  loss of friction because of the chalk..


The lines of forms, as well as the fullness of the variety of colors, plus the versatility of design, distinguishes our brand on the walls of climbing walls and boulders. Feel yourself on the rocks, improve your climbing style.


Blast hole – an artificial cylindrical recess in a solid medium (rock, concrete) with a diameter of up to 75 mm and a depth of up to 5 m. Created and used to place charges during blasting operations, to install anchor support, inject water or cement into the surrounding rock mass, etc.