Megality Ltd. (hereinafter the “Megality”)

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What is the purpose of this Policy

Privacy and security of your Personal information are extremely important to us. 

As part of our commitment to protecting your Personal information, we use this Policy to transparently inform you about the following:

(a) why and how your Personal information is collected and used by Megality when you access the Sites;

(b) Megality’s role and responsibilities in this context as the legal entity deciding why and how your Personal information is processed;

(с) what your rights are in relation to the above processing .

What type of Personal information is collected by Megality

Personal information collected by Megality when you access, interact with or operate the Sites:

(i) information provided by you when you register (create) a user account, such as your name, mobile phone number, address and age;

(ii) electronic data (http headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons/pixel tags, browser information, information about your hardware and software);

(iii) date and time of accessing the Sites;

(iv) information related to your activity when using the Sites;

(v) (geo)location information;

(vi) other information about you that needs to be processed according to the terms and conditions of any specific Megality Site.

 How Megality protects your Personal information

In most cases, Personal information is processed automatically without access to it by our staff. However, if such access is necessary, your Personal information can be accessed only by those Megality employees whose professional tasks require using this information. To protect your Personal information and ensure its confidentiality, these employees must comply with internal rules and follow protocols for processing Personal information. They are also required to follow all technical and organisational security measures protecting your Personal information.